Comprised of Jason Abrishami (vocals/guitar; The Twees), Paul Volpe (bass;  Triple Cobra), and Jeremy Sampson (drums; Eastern Hollows), the Brooklyn-based shoegaze rock trio of Lazyeyes have received quite a bit of love across the blogosphere since the January 2013 release of their self-titled debut EP. Soon after the bad received praise from the likes of The Deli Magazine, Best New Bands, Purple Sneakers and others, several singles from the EP saw regular airplay on BBC Radio, XM Radio and a number of FM stations across the world. And with the forthcoming release of their New Year EP, slated for a January 6 release, there’s a sense of a band whose profile is exponentially growing – and rapidly; in fact, the band will be embarking on a tour to support the new effort. 

“Adaptation" New Year’s second EP is a quickly paced song comprised of angular guitar fed through gentle washes of feedback, four-on-the-floor drums and throbbing bass paired with subtly ethereal vocals that cut through the song’s mix before gently fading away. In some way, the track bears a dim resemblance to the likes of Joy Division and Interpol but breezier and much more pop-oriented.