Comprised of Jeff Pupa (vocals, guitar and bass), James Hencken (drums, synths and keyboards), and long-time bandmate and collaborator Sabeel Azam (guitar) the trio of Vows have developed a reputation for a consistently evolving sound. Pupa and Hencken recorded their third and forthcoming album, Soon Enough Love in a similar fashion to their previous two efforts – the duo self-recording the material at home and self-produced in a living room in Vermont and a basement in New Jersey with Azam tracking guitar parts. And as the band has noted, sharing files and home producing allows the duo to work on their own time, in their own element and of course for a lot of cheaper. But interestingly enough, the forthcoming effort slated for a June 2 release date through Section Sign Records was the first album that the band recorded in the summer for the first time in several years – and in some way the summer recording sessions seemed to have influenced the material on the album. In fact, non-album track “A Million Suns” was the single that inspired the entire Soon Enough Love sessions and the single is a warm, summery breezy track consisting of shimmering guitars played through reverb, throbbing bass and ethereal and seemingly detached vocals that pushes the song towards shoegaze territory – but the sort of shoegaze that seems perfect for daydreaming in a verdant meadow.