Comprised of John Lally (vocals, guitar), York Henderson (guitar), Luke Bareis (bass), Tom Bruno (drums), the Atlanta, GA-based quartet, Sleep Therapy have developed a reputation for a sound that bridges late 80s and early 90s British shoegaze and hardcore punk, as the members of the band have claimed that they’ve been influenced by the likes of Slowdive, Fugazi, Kitchens of Distinction, Converge and others. And as a result, they’ve toured with the likes of The Drums, Deerhunter, The Thermals, stellastarr*, Snowden, The Appleseed Cast, and Jukebox The Ghost. 

While the band was on a rather lengthy hiatus, the members of the quartet began discussing at heme concept project that would consist of 4 EPs, with each EP exploring humanity, the human condition, nature and the apocalypse consisting of 4 EPs that would be released over the course of 201. Feeling ambitious, the band began writing the four EPs simultaneously and teamed up with local artist, Steven Dixley to create the album art for each album. January marked the release of the first of the four EPs, and that EP, Dirt Swan City was released to to critical praise – and they received attention for selling 8″ x 10″ prints of the album’s cover art with a download code printed on the back, instead of having physical copies. 

The second EP of the series, Creatures is slated for release this month and the EP’s first single “Matriarch” is a sprawling song consisting of thundering drums, huge dirge-like power chords played through delay and effect pedals before turning into noisy, acid-tinged frenzy before ending in feedback. In some way the song channels the likes of The Verve with My Vitriol – shoegaze rock but with arena rock bombast.