Comprised of Josh Smith (vocals, guitar and production) and Josh Freed (samples, synths and production), the the Detroit-based duo of Gosh Pith,  have quickly developed a reputation for crating material that focuses on capturing a specific feeling or sensation, rather than capturing a concrete narrative. Considering that the duo reportedly started the project after a drunken and psychedelics fueled late night walk through the streets of Paris and finding themselves moved and marveled by the sounds of their voices echoing off narrow streets, this focus on mood shouldn’t be terribly surprising. 

Their first single “Waves” was comprised of skittering beats, layers of ominously buzzing synths and vocals fed through layers upon layers of reverb. In some way the sound of this track evokes undulating waves of sound hitting off surfaces at weird angles — all while bearing an uncanny resemblance to both Grave Babies’s latest effort Crusher and to Beacon. “Smoke Bellow,” the duo’s latest single is a warmer, lush track comprised of bursts of glitchy, staccato synths, layers of skittering percussion with soulful vocals. In some way, although experimental, the duo continually manages to make subtle nods towards contemporary R&B and electro pop.

Interestingly, as the Goth Pith’s Josh Smith mentioned in an email, “‘Smoke Bellow’ was written after a long night out at a warehouse rave, Dopehead, Zelooperz and the Bruiser Brigade killed the stage, my friend Joey 2Lanes spun some records, and then we went to this Kyle Hall set in an old abandoned photo studio, until it was quite bright out. We were driving home, passing people on the road on the way to their 9-to-5, and my thoughts were teetering between robbing a bank or renouncing all of life’s comfy norms."And in turn, the video and the song evokes the sense of blinking, dull-eyed wonder, where you’re uncertain if you’re dreaming or if you’re still awake and the sense of rebellion in being young and not doing things the way society says you should.