Comprised of  Justin Sandercoe (guitar), Tim Harries (bass), Ellem (vocals), and Owen Thomas (production). the members of We Came As Strangers began collaborating together as an experimental pop, side project from the members various professional endeavors. As Sandercoe explained in press notes the members of the band went into the writing and recording sessions for the band’s debut effort as virtual strangers – with the only connection being that Sandercoe had worked with each individual member at some point. And with the release of the band’s first two efforts, Recipe For Adventure (2013) and Shattered Matter (2014) the quartet received attention for a sound that draws from Portishead, Massive Attack, Fleetwood Mac, London Grammar, Philip Glass, Regina Spektor, and others, and for a writing and recording process that focuses on spontaneity and improvisation to craft a sound that defies genre boundaries and easy categorization. 

Raising money through Kickstarter and exceeding their fundraising goal, the quartet went into the studio for an intensive two week period of writing and recording – and the end result was the band’s forthcoming third full-length effort Eyedom which is slated for an August 31 release. Eyedom’s first single (and video) “Still Life” possesses elements of dusty, old-school Americana with an icily minimalist electronic production of swirling electronics and skittering percussion paired with Ellem’s languid and gorgeous pop belter vocals. Sonically, the song channels a pop leaning version of Me Moan-era Daughn Gibson; in other words, it’s a moodily, seductive and forward leaning take on country.