Comprised of Maria Rose (vocals), Graham Rockwood (bass) and Beni Schlatter (drums), the trio of Boudoir Noir describe their sound as “moody, beat-based,” “marked by striking melodies and Rose’s voluminous vocals” and are meant to invite the listener to relax and be tantalized. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? In any case, late last year the band recorded and released two singles – “Change It Up” and “Summer Skin” and are in the studio working on their debut EP, which is slated for release later this year. 

“Summer Skin” is a sensual song comprised of a gently throbbing bass line and swirling electronics paired with Rose’s seductive vocals in a way that sounds as though they were meshing trip-hop with an Eastern flair. But no matter what, the song is very much a sonic come hither look that’s irresistible.