Comprised of Michael Carter best known for his work with Tyondai Braxton (electronics), Shayna Dunkelman of Xiu Xiu (percussion) and Angelia Negron of Balún (vocals), the Oakland, CA-based trio of Peptalk can trace their origins to when Carter and Dunkelamn discovered that they had a mutual appreciation for mid-century exotica artists such as Juan Garcia Esquivel, Robert Drasnin, Martin Denny, and others who used percussion, bird calls, synthesizers and orchestration to evoke far-flung locales, as well as a J-Pop, dub and a variety of other electronic music. 

Reportedly, the Bay Area-based trio’s forthcoming debut full-length effort, Islet is also deeply influenced by sci-fi, the cyberpunk of Blade Runner, the eeriness of Twin Peaks and the tropicalia of Fantasy Island while touching on a number of themes including solitude, escapism, cultural curiosity and openness – and more. “Podesta,” the latest single off the trio’s debt effort is a twisting and turning song comprised of subtly Latin/subtly African percussion, a looped horn sample, sinuous synths that dart around the horn sample and melodica. While managing to sound breezy, the song also manages to feel carefully cut and pasted from various sections – although the seams are difficult to see, much like a well-tailored suit, the attention to detail is remarkable.