Comprised of producer Ryan Casey and vocalist Elissa LeCoque, the Brooklyn-based electro pop duo of Kodacrome have received quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for a sound that manages to be simultaneously icy and yet sensual in a way that bears a resemblance to as Soft Metals’ impressive Lenses and to Little Boots‘ Nocturnes; however, the duo’s latest single “Immaculada” adds an anxiousness that you can feel in the rattling percussion and skittering synths as LeCoque sings lyrics that talk about the need for human connection, while suggesting how difficult, awkward and painful that need for connection can be. 

 The band just released a hand drawn lyric video for the song, which includes artists drawing imagery that close associates with lyrics of the song at various speeds – you may see some thing going high speed forward, and maybe that sequence later seen in full-speed reverse. It’s trippy and as anxiety inducing at the song is. 

From the release of the duo’s first two singles, their debut full-length effort Aftermaths may be highly-anticiapted for those who are familiar with Depeche Mode, the Presets and others.