Comprised of singer/songwriter Leanne Macomber, known for her work in Fight Bite and Neon Indian, and producer Joel Ford, known for his work in Autre Ne Veut, Oneohtrix Point Never and Ford and Lopatin, the Brooklyn-based duo Young Ejecta began in 2012 when Ford sifted through several years of Macomber’s demos, which were recorded in her bedroom. Intrigued by Macomb’s wispy, ethereal vocals, Ford offered the singer/songwriter several slickly produced danceable beats that just worked perfectly. And the result was the duo’s debut effort, Dominae, which was released to critical praise for a unique sound and for its thematic concerns – unrequited love, failed attempts at adulthood, and the death of Macomb’s dearest and closet friend. 

“Into Your Heart” the first single off the duo’s mini-album The Planet continues the duo’s reputation for shimmering and ethereal dance pop as the song is comprised of layers of shimmering and skittering synths, propulsive and pulsing drums, hot, explosive flashes of cymbal paired with Macomber’s ethereal voice floating just above the mix. In some way, the song sonically bears an uncanny resemblance to Soft Metals and their impressive Lenses (which at times owed a debt to Giorgio Moroder), Lyrically, the song’s narrator dreamily coos to a lover, who’s either about to leave and/or is absent and the slick production work gives the song a plaintive urgency and a subtle sensuality at its core.

The duo recently released the official video for the song and it features a man doing some modern and very expressionistic dancing to the song in an abandoned studio and in a woody outgrowth – and it provides a surrealistic feel to the song.