Comprised of Sinosa Micik, lead vocalist; Bobby Tamkin, drummer producer and songwriter, who was previously a member of the Warlocks; Devin Johnson, guitarist; Lisa Fendelander, keyboardist; Kyle Hines, bassist; and the recently recruited Derek Muro on synthesizers, the Mar Vista, CA-based quintet of Xu Xu Fang have developed a reputation for a dark, brooding melodicism and a noirish psychedelic sound that can be favorably compared to the likes of Mogwai and Remember Remember in the sense that it feels both intimate and yet cinematic. 

The quintet’s latest single “Friend to the Unknown” is an interesting song as it employs elements of dub with a subtle nod to Eastern music to create a moody yet trippy song that evokes large expanses of space, and of viewing awe-inspiring natural wonders for the first time and not having the language to describe what you’ve just seen. And in some way, the track bears an uncanny resemblance to Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan,” a song which manages to evoke the same sensation to me.