Comprised of the Malmo, Sweden-based husband and wife duo of Ola Frick and Carina Johansson Frick, The Moonabies have been around for quite a while and have had quite a history. Formed back in 1997, the band initially started out as a shoegaze band – but their sophomore effort, 2004’s The Orange Billboard drew heavily from Wilco’s critically acclaimed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and was released to critical acclaim. And as a result, the band embarked on an extensive European tour. 

The Orange Billboard’s follow up, War on Sound and its album title track managed to bring international attention towards the duo as the song appeared in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and was a massive hit in their native Sweden. However, as they were working on material for their third full-length album, the Fricks had felt an increasing pressure to create and deliver songs that were commercially viable. At that point, they had felt as though they were drifting away from their creative vision and from the playfulness that initially brought them attention in the first place. Recognizing that they were in a creative rut and not quite knowing what their move was they do what countless artists find themselves doing – they forced themselves out of their comfort zone. And as a result, they relocated to Berlin, Germany. 

While in Berlin, they quickly fell in love with the city’s globally renowned house and EDM scenes, and the material they began writing began to lean heavily towards a more electronic-based sound. But in some way. the duo felt a different sense of pressure — the pressure of having to constantly prove themselves in a much bigger scene. And after spending two years in Berlin, the Fricks returned to Sweden and started the recording process again. But it proved to be unsuccessful as they found themselves in the repetitive pattern of desperately attempting to push forward, scrapping things and then starting all over again, which they did 30 times or so. However, the birth of their son last year, may have proved to be the catalyst that gave new life into their creative process. In fact, the focus became simpler — move past bad memories and focus on the songs that created a visceral sensation.  As they were going through old material, they discovered things that they didn’t previously see, and the ideas started to flow about naturally.

The end result wound up comprising their forthcoming and long-awaited album Wizards on the Beach, which is slated for an April 28 release. “Pink Heart Mother,” the album’s latest single is a glittering synth-pop track that sounds as though it were inspired by Homework and Discovery-era Daft Punk but with a gentleness at its heart – it’s comprised of layers of synths, room rocking bass and drum, Carina Johansson Frick’s breathy and quietly determined vocals and pairs that with the Frick’s eerily ethereal harmonies that wrap themselves around the hook. And although the song is infectious and danceable, the song is written from a deeply personal experience: the song is written from the perspective of Ola Frick’s mother, a young woman who rebelled against a life in which she felt desperately trapped by leaving everything behind and seeing the world. Interestingly, in the press notes for the album, Ola Frick insists that although the song is inspired by personal experience, it shouldn’t be narrowly interpreted. As Frick explained “it’s also a song about keeping on with the struggle because you’re a fighter. Someday you will find peace and reach your goals."