Comprised of the Seattle, WA-based emcee Stasia “Stas” Irons and vocalist Catherine “Cat” Harris-White the duo of THEESatisfaction first met in 2008 while they were both students at the University of Washington. As the story goes, Irons used to frequent Harris-White’s open mic nights, and Irons fell in love with Harris-White’s voice — Irons publicly mentions that she would go to these open mic nights and just blissfully zone out to Harris-White’s voice. After some time, Irons shored up the courage to talk to Harris-White, and eventually they began collaborating together. 

A few years later, THEESatisfaction were part of an eccentric yet like-minded cohort of multidisciplinary artists formed by Ishmael Butler and Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces called The Black Constellation. And as members of The Black Constellation, Harris-White and Irons caught the attention of Sub Pop Records, after they had contributed vocals throughout Shabazz Palaces’s exceptional and sonically challenging, Black Up! And the duo’s full-length debut, awE naturalE was released to critical praise across major publications and the blogosphere. 

EarthEE, which is slated for a February 23rd release across Europe and a February 24th release across North America, is the duo’s much-anticipated follow-up and from the album’s first single “Recognition,” the duo continue the Black Constellation’s reputation for being playfully and whimsically eccentric yet challenging as the song beings with an extremely percussive, polyrhythmic intro with call and response vocals before morphing into a psychedelic acid trance with undulating synths and a slight Eastern vibe. Much like Shabazz Palace’s Lese Majesty, the song manages to be spacey yet approachable. 

The official video is gorgeously shot and shows some beautiful black people in a situations that feel artistically surreal and yet are entirely realistic. It’s trippy but awe-inspiringly so.