Comprised of vocalist Randa Leigh and producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Vincent, the Portland, OR-based electro pop act SOS have publicly claimed the xx, Aaliyah, D’Angelo and Kanye West as influences although  lyrically, the duo’s work explores the feelings, emotional impulses and insecurities of one’s 20s (which aren’t so far removed that I can’t remember them). 

Production wise, Vincent’s production is slickly atmospheric and yet sleek and modern – we’re talking skittering drums, hot flashes of cymbals, vocals fed through various levels of distortion, swirling electronics, industrial clanging paired with Leigh’s languid vocals. In some way, the track reminds me a bit of Steven A. Clark‘s Fornication Under Consent of the King, Soft Metals Lenses and a few others because of it’s slick production while retaining a sensual feel, as you’ll hear on “Youth in Decline,” off the band’s forthcoming full-length album.