Consisting of Nathan Quiroga (guitar/vocals) and Benjamin Verdoes (keyboard/drums), the Seattle-based duo, who are better known as Iska Dhaaf spent three years writing the material that would become their anticipated full-length debut, Even the Sun Will Burn.

And as you’ll hear on “Everybody Knows,” one of the latest singles from the album, slated for a March 11 release through Brick Lane Records, the duo’s sound owes a great debt to psychedelia and punk rock – in fact, in some way they kind of give a modern sensibility to 60s garage psych rock, complete with a nod to surfer rock.

Shot by Tristan Seniuk, the official video offers a peek inside the mind of a Vietnam-era solider attending a USO show presumably near the battlefield. Crazed by the unseen horrors he has done to others and has seen, and under the influence of hallucinogens, the video’s protagonists sees dancing Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes and other things that may not even be real. When we get a glimpse of our protagonist, he seems sweaty, paranoid and uneasy. At times he looks like Ray Liotta playing Henry Hill in Goodfellas – think of the extended coke scene, where Hill is looking everywhere and realizing that someone really is actually out to get him. The video emphasizes the anxiety at the heart of the song. 

Also be on the lookout for a cameo from Macklemore – yeah, seriously.