Consisting of Shelley X, Chris Wild, and Nathan La Guerra, the New York City-based trio of GHXST has developed a reputation for being among the city’s most stylish noise pop/doom grunge trio by several publications including Sentimentalist Magazine and others. As you’ll hear on “Dead Town.” the latest single off the band’s forthcoming EP, the band has a sound that reminds me a lot of the brooding, murky drone of the Black Angels Directions To See A Ghost – in fact much like that album, it has a deeply unsettled, anxious feel. It brings to minds thoughts of sin, madness and murder. 

The official video, manages to evoke a post apocalyptic New York/anywhere with as we get a car-based perspective as a driver drivers around on desolate wintry streets towards a dingy-sodium lit bar where we see the band performing the song. And it’s an equally fitting video which evokes an equally noir-ish (and appropriate) feel.