Bo Ningen: Slider on

Consisting of Taigen Kawabe (bass/ vocals), Yuki Tsujii (guitar), Kohhei Matsuda (guitar) and Monchan Monna (drums), Bo Ningen is a Japanese quartet that has begun to gain an international following for their unique brand of what many critics and journalists have dubbed “acid punk” which is heavily influenced by Japan’s legacy of psych rock, noise rock, Black Sabbath and Nirvana.  

Interestingly, Bo Ningen formed when its founding members, Taigen and Kokhei met while playing in different bands on the same bill – and they quickly discovered a kindred spirit in each other, as they had desired to leave the “rock” behind and do something extremely weird. Tsujii and Monna  joined the band with the same intention – especially after catching the duo play their almost indescribable aural assault. 

The now London, UK-baesd quartet’s latest effort III reportedly sees the band’s sound evolve as they were able to spend several months working ton the production and songwriting than they have before. But with guest contributions from the likes of Jehnny Beth of Savages, III marks the first time that they’ve even had lyrics partially sung in English. 

After hearing “Slider,” I was immediately reminded of the work of Yamantanka//Sonic Titan – in the sense that it’s as equally as uncompromisingly strange, and is an aural experience, while kicking ass.