Crammed Discs Records recently released Wed 21, the latest recorded effort from Juana Molina, an artist who has developed a reputation for heady and restless experimentalism. In fact, the new album which was conceived, written and recorded in Molina’s Buenos Aires-based studio had her employing the use of electric guitar, bass, drums, and electronics, which helped her craft a densely layered, nuanced sound that at times has a pop sensibility underlying it’s challenging nature. At times, “Eras,” one of the first singles (and videos) off Wed 21, bears a similarity to the work of the Talking Heads – in the sense that’s it’s gloriously weird and yet accessible. But it also has a very subtle elements of Latin percussion and the breeziness of Brazilian music.

The official video is a fantasy tale about the Bichapong, a mythical creature which appears in Alejandro Ros’ artwork for Molina’s Wed 21. The script for the video, developed by Molina and director Mario Caporali portray the Bichapong as threatening and yet incredibly tender. The Bichapong’s mummy-like hands carry scissors and it spends its time preparing mysterious “portions” for the guests of a surreal party – a party where the guests seem incapable of escaping – at the Bichapong’s house. The surreal nature of the video manages to emphasis the surreal nature of the song.