CROSSS is a Canadian trio whose sound is heavily inspired by porto-drone, lo-fi indie, noise rock and metal. Originally begun as a duo in Halifax, Nova Scotia and after a number of relocations and lineup changes, the band is currently based in Toronto, ON and has become a trio. In their native Canada, the trio have developed a reputation for crafting murky, sludgy and intense dirges with ambitiously improvised guitar lines, thundering drumming at punishingly loud volumes – and for opening for the likes of Viet Cong. Built to Spill, Moon Duo, Thee Oh Sees, King Tuff, Dirty Beaches, Pop1280 and Oneida

The Canadian trio’s debut full-length effort, LO is slated for a June 16 release through Telephone Explosion, and the album’s latest single “Golden Hearth” is a super sludgy, swampy, bottom heavy drone-filled dirge that sounds anxious, menacing and downright murderous and its paired with vocals that sound as though they came from the deepest, hottest pit of hell. You can almost smell the sulfur and saltpeter emanating from the sludgy guitar chords and thundering drums – and for a moment, you might see a winged demon out of the corner of your eye. Seriously though, the song is punishing, intense towering wall of sound that bears a resemblance to A Place to Bury Strangers

The band will be on tour to support their debut full-length effort, and it’ll include a May 23 stop at Palisades