De Lux is a “post-disco/post-dance punk” duo of Sean Guerin and Issaac Franco. Both Guerin and Franco have been making music heavily influenced by old school boogie, as well as classic and obscure disco. Both had kind of met recently and were in a band together, before starting their latest project De Lux, which allows them to concentrate on the singular pursuit of the groove. “Better At Making Time,” the duo’s latest single, a single that Scion Audio Visual will be releasing their debut, self-titled EP on Tuesday as part of a series supporting forward thinking artists is a funky track that sounds as though it could have been played in a disco anytime between roughly 1978-1983 or so and as recently as within the last few years (DFA Records anyone?) thanks in part to that sinuous bass line, angular guitar slashing through the mix, cowbell and seductive lyrics.