Death Valley Girls are shrouded in mystery. Very little is known about the Los Angeles, CA area-based band; however, what is known is that the members of the band, Bonnie Bloomgarden (lead vocals), Rocky (bass), Laura Kelsey (drums) and Larry Schemel (guitar) is that they’re heavily influenced by old school biker B-movies – to the point that they appear as though they came out of one of those movies. In fact, it’s been reportedly, that at many of their shows, you’d see their beaten-up motorcycles arranged in a classic biker club formation. 

And as you’ll hear on “Getting’ Hard,” the latest single off the band’s Electric High, the band’s sound owes a debt to the likes of the Stooges, the Troggs and even in some passing way the Ramones in the sense that their sound is rock stripped of filler and bullshit. In fact, the song much like the sources that inspire it, possess a forcefully primal immediacy that seems rare. In an age of twee, sensitive indie rock, Death Valley Girls are  bracingly raw, unfettered and unpredictably dangerous. In some way you should feel as though you’re not sure if you’d be passionately kissed, punched in the throat or stabbed in the gut – and it’s that very sense of unpredictability and danger that rock so desperately needs.