Deriving their name from a  Big Star song via the Bangles, the Dublin, Ireland-based quotient of  September Girls, formed three years ago and quickly recorded a number of demos before booking gigs across their native Ireland and England. Upon the success of those early gigs, the quintet then released a handful of limited release singles on various cassette and 7 inch labels around the world including the “Ships” single. Released through PINS Haus of PINS Label, “Ships” received critical praise from the lies of Pitchfork and others across the globe. 

Their full-length debut. Cursing the Sea was released earlier this year to glowing critical praise, thanks in part to their sound which possessed a hazy, atmospheric feel completed by fuzzy guitars fed through reverb, ethereal and eerie vocals. and urgent yet insistent drumming. And in some way. sonically the material that I heard reminded me quite a bit of Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here-era Echo and the Bunnymen for it’s dramatically dark, foreboding sensibility; however, unlike the Bunnymen, the material on their debut covered much more intimate ground – heartache, disastrous and failed relationships and the like. So perhaps we can say it was as though Phil Spector had decided to produce the Bunnymen? 

Since the release of their debut effort, the band has played at several major festivals including SXSW, a number of UK-based festivals including Beacons, Body and Soul, Great Escape, Stag and Dagger and Wales Goes Pop, and they’ve opened for the John Spencer Blues Explosion. And to close out a rather successful year, September Girls will be releasing a four track EP, Veneer through their new label home Kanine Records. And as you’ll hear on EP title track, “Veneer,” the band retains their hazy, reverb and feedback drenched sound; however, it’s much more refined and polished, which in turn pushes their sound towards Siouxsie and the Banshees territory – and that’s not a bad comparison. 

In fact, even the official video reflects that dark sensibility in an all too fitting fashion. Check it out.