Deriving their name from an archaic English word sloom, which according to Wiktionary means: 

v. To sleep lightly, to doze, to nod; to be half-asleep.
v. To soften or rot with damp.
n. Slumber.
To slumber; waste; decay.
To become weak or flaccid, as plants and flowers touched by frost.
n. A gentle sleep; slumber

the Austin, TX-based duo Slooom features Les RAV’s frontman Lauren Bruno and producer Delwin Campbell, and sonically combines the audio/visual experiences of contemporary pop artists like Sia and FKA Twigs, with more abstract and avant garde acts like The Knife and The Books. And as a result of those influences, Austin-based duo have been praised by several publications including The Austin Chronicle for a sound that’s been described as evoking the dream state. Personally after hearing “Honey” I could see what my colleagues were getting at it, even if I don’t quite agree; in my mind after playing the song, the song evokes a tense, anxious sense of anticipation – of kisses inching along on the inside of your thigh and how you want your partner to never stop. ever … 

Sonically, the sparse yet slickly produced song is comprised of skittering and glitchy beats, wobbling synths, gently buzzing, atmospheric electronics and Bruno’s hypnotic and sensual cooing that make the song ooze with an urgent, decadent, carnal desire. It’s arguably one of the sexiest songs I’ve come across this year. 

As for the video, Bruno, Campbell and the video’s director, Ryan Orenstein explain in a joint statement, “The positive influence of honey on the world is demonstrated by the innumerable ways in which it has been used throughout time. In poetry, food, medicine, modern and contemporary art, honey has always been a symbol for sweetness in life. Today, modern day commercial farming and the pesticides being used in the United States has decimated our population of honey producing insects to the point that one bad winter could leave fields fallow. The video for “Honey” by SLOOOM is a reminder of our eminent doom and how decadent pleasures of the past are now symbols of our collective doom.  . .” Visually speaking, the video is stunning and surreal as its imagery evokes human civilization’s slow lurch towards what seems to be its inevitable collapse; madness. desiccation and death; systems, institutions and laws breaking down; and sweat, sex and more sex.