Disappears‘ Kone is one of the most intriguing albums I’ve come across this year. The band released the official video for “Kone.” And for a song is accompanied with a strange and beautiful video, which is quite fitting. 

The song itself begins with the distant, ringing and rumbling feedback that feels and sounds much like a brewing storm, coming quickly on the horizon. The sound builds up in intensity as a tightly syncopated rhythm comes out from the fray — until you start to hear some eerie, staggered guitar chords. Vocalist Brian Case sings through reverb as the rest of the backing band sounds as though they’re barely holding on to a brewing, tempestuous fury. Although quite atmospheric, the song is propelled forward by percussion and a super taut bass line. And then the song ends with the same feedback in the beginning with each instrument seemingly (and slowly) fading away. In some way, after listening to the track, I immediately thought of the Church — in particular “Chaos” off of Priest = Aura. Indeed, much like the Church’s Chaos, the song manages to sound like a force of nature imposing its will upon you – it’s an experience, really.