Dub Champions Festival at Brooklyn Bowl 9/24/14 feat. Subatomic Sound System, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Special Guests

Dub Champions Festival feat. Subatomic Soundsystem, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Special Guests

Brooklyn Bowl 

September 24, 2014

As I’ve mentioned countless times, running a blog full-time while having a full-time job often results in having competing interests for my time and attention. And unfortunately, it means that some things get delayed a little bit here and there but with the holiday weekend I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things where possible – that is in between stuffing my face with my heaping piles of turkey, collard greens, mac and cheese and of course, biscuits; and in between continued coverage of shows for you guys. 

I was at Brooklyn Bowl, the unofficial home office of JOVM to catch the annual Dub Champions Festival, featuring New York’s Subatomic Sound System, an act that has regularly played at Brooklyn Bowl; and perhaps more important, the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry. 

Over an incredibly prolific and lengthy career that has spanned the better part of 50 years much ink has been spilled over the reggae producer and artist, Lee “Scratch” Perry.  Certainly, as a producer and as one of the forefathers of dub, Perry’s influence on modern Jamaican music, and on modern music itself has been towering as he’s worked with some of Jamaica’s (and the world’s) most beloved artists, including Bob Marley. And as an artist, Perry has proven to be one of reggae’s most original, most eccentric and arguably one of the genre’s most prolific; in fact, in some way, Perry has been likened to the Shakespearean Fool and as a cosmic clown – and in some way they’re right. With a quick-firing wit, Perry talks about the nature of the human spirit and of the Divine in a way that’s stunningly simple and yet incredibly profound. 

Although he’s in his late 70s – he turned 78 this past March – Perry has also managed to be as vital, challenging, forward-thinking and as innovative as ever, seemingly defying all stereotypes of age. In fact, his collaboration with the British electronic production duo, The Orb attests to Perry’s inexhaustible creativity and seemingly childlike spirit. He radiates a sort of joy and love that’s godly – and godly in the same sense of someone like the Dalai Lama. 

So I was there to catch the legendary and extremely eccentric artist at Brooklyn Bowl. Check out some photos from the proceedings below. 

This drummer radiated such a sublime joy that I couldn’t help but smile with him. If only more people had this kind of joy, right? 

Come and fly away with the cosmic clown. 

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