Early last year, I had interviewed Morgan Christopher Geer who writes and records under the moniker of Drunken Prayer about his fantastic 2012 release Into the Missionfield and other subjects. And for me, it was among a batch of favorite interviews in the Q&A series, as Geer is a charming rogue with one of the more interesting backgrounds you’ll come across. 

Released in November 2013, House of Morgan, Drunken Prayer’s third full-length and second through Portland, OR-based label Fluff and Gravy Records, has Geer taking things in his own hands. Self-recorded using a Tascam recorder, a Radio Shack condenser mic, and GarageBand with nearly all of the instruments played by Geer in his bedroom, the material is at times stripped down to a raw, naked beauty. However, the latest single and video, “KEF-666” is screaming punk blues rant that Geer has described as “the clarion call of the desperate." 

Using stock footage and free video editing software, Geer’s video manages to be sleazy and yet conveys the desperate, unsettling urgency within the song. It’s the desperate urgency that should be familiar to anyone who works at something that saps at their very sense of decency and dignity, while they try to hold on to dreams that may seem increasingly impossible.