Early last year, Preston Lovinggood released his solo debut Sun Songs. Produced by Taylor Hollingsworth, who has worked with the likes of Dead Fingers, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, and others, the album was a decidedly lo-fi presentation of Lovinggood’s work. But over the course of last year, Lovinggood returned to the studio, recording in Lovinggood’s hometown of Birmingham, AL and in Los Angeles, CA; this time with producer Darrel Thopre, who has worked with Beck and Thom Yorke. Recording with a different set of backing musicians, the result was Shadow Songs, a re-imagining of several songs that appear on Sun Songs. In some way, the early description has been that Shadow Songs present the songs in a gigantic, wide-screen version of sorts. 

“Natural” is one of the first singles off Shadow Songs and it has a pleasant, but rousing arena rock vibe right at it’s chorus. And this is done while retaining the sense of the song being carefully crafted and thought out.