Electronic artist Coleman Hell made a name for himself with the DIY production and release of his critically acclaimed debut mixtape, Stark Raving, which included collaborations with his friends La+ch and DJ Dustbuster. And on that effort, Hell was praised for his abilities both as an emcee and as a vocalist; in fact, many critics described him as “a man who is equal parts self-confident and self-effacing," 

As an artist, Hell has been evolving and his follow up single ”Venezuela“ released earlier this year, had the emcee and vocalist, employing the use of a breathy falsetto over disco-influenced beats. He also contributed vocals to his friend La+ch’s smash single ”You Are My Summer“ – a single that not only reached number 1 on Hype Machine’s charts but also received 4.5 million streams on Spotify. 

And as the up-and-coming producer, vocalist and emcee is seeing his profile grow exponentially, he released his latest EP, Vena which features collaborations with his friends La+ch and DJ Dustbuster, just the other day. And the EP’s first single "Heat of the Night” is comprised of pulsating synths and throbbing bass paired with Hell’s breathy falsetto. In some way, the track reveals a slight 80s influence – for some inexplicable reason, I’ve immediately thought of “St. Elmo’s Fire” but still, the song very clearly is a club-banging house music track that’s summery and sweaty.