Enchufada is an influential blog and label that has developed a reputation over the last couple of years with their Upper Cuts series, a series that introduces to their followers, some of the best dance music from around the world – and on a free, biweekly basis at that. And to celebrate yet another year of the series, the folks at Enchufada collaborated with Trouble and Bass artist Tony Quattro

Quattro’s latest single “Zulu Carnival” is a decidedly tropical house track that possesses elements of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Brazliian music as its comprised of layers of thundering drums and at the hook, a looped Brazilian vocal sample. The funky yet incredibly hypnotic track should not only remind you of being on the floor of a sweaty club but it also should almost immediately transport you to to the streets of Rio and Sao Paolo for Carnival as it evokes masses of people moving at once to a steady and propulsive beat.