Fat Possum Records released Caveman’s self-titled effort back in early April, and the new effort reveals a band that has the band stretching their (proverbial) creative legs with a subtle yet profound expansion of their sound. With the release of “In the City,” the first official single off the album, you’ll hear the same eerily, haunting and beautiful melodies but the song, like the rest of the album manages to be as atmospheric as U2’s The Unforgettable Fire – it creates more space for Iwanusa’s plaintive falsetto and a series of gorgeous solos by Carbonetti that manage to sweetly shimmer and chime. But the major difference is that the material is far less percussive than Coco Beware – there’s a greater emphasis on synths propelling the song and several others throughout the album in a way that may remind many listeners of Peter Gabriel’s early 1980s work. 

The official video came out for “In the City” today and it features several very familiar faces – the gorgeous Julia Stiles (I had forgotten how beautiful she was), Fran Kranz, and Michael Cavadias. As you’ll see in the video, a couple comes to the city on a lover’s vacation and their trip takes a rather disturbing, murderous turn.