Featuring Beth Rettig (vocals, programming), Emma Quick (bass) and Debbie Smith (guitar), best known as being the guitarist in Curve, Echobelly and Snowpony, the London-based trio Blindness formed in 2008. And since the band’s formation, they’ve developed a reputation for a darkly seductive sound that’s been influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and PJ Harvey. As you’ll hear on their latest single, “Confessions” off their forthcoming album, Wrapped in Plastic, the song consists of explosive blasts of propulsive drumming, power chords played through layers upon layers of distortion and feedback paired with Rettig’s come hither vocals – and as a result, the trio have received quite a bit of attention across their native London; but I suspect that with the release of Wrapped in Plastic, you’ll start hearing more about the British trio, as they put a subtle yet new spin on a familiar and beloved sound. 

The official video is comprised of a relatively simple concept – the band performing the song in a sparse, photo studio; in fact, while the band is performing, a magazine-styled photo shoot seems to be going on in the same room, seemingly inspiring both the model and the unseen photographer.