FIDLAR, the Los Angeles, CA-based quartet of Zac Carper, Elvis Kuehn, Max Keuhn, and Brandon Schwartzel have a name that originally comes from an old skateboarder acronym, an acronym that in many ways is quite fitting – Fuck It Dog, Life’s Risk. The quartet released their debut, self-titled album earlier this year, and the album has received quite a bit of praise for it’s grimy, punk rock sound and lyrics that about partying – well, excessive partying. 

The video for the latest single off the album, “Cocaine” features Parks and RecreationNick Offerman in an outrageously funny video. Offerman’s character winds up getting pissed off at work after receiving some text messages from someone, and the video follows him on a 40 ounce fueled bender through Los Angeles. Offerman’s character stops at Nicolas Cage’s star on the Walk of the Fame, the Hollywood sign, and a few animals, and nothing is sacred.