Formed last year, the UK-based quartet of of Gold Codes have a sound that they’ve described as being “situated somewhere between Texas, Lagos, 1960s London, and the Congo.” In other words, it has elements of psych rock, Afrobeat and prog rock – you’ll hear psych rock in the guitars, Afrobeat in the percussion, and prog rock in the sense that the song feels expansive and incredibly nuanced, as you’ll hear on their first single “Feverview” which was released late last year.  Thanks to the song’s twisting and turning structure, it reminds me quite a bit of Karthala 72’s sinuous, seemingly LSD-inspired grooves.  

Their debut full-length, recorded in the UK and mastered in California by Monster Magnet’s John McBain is slated for release later this year, and from what I hear the band are scheduling live sets in anticipation of the album’s release.