Former DFA Records and Flying Nun Records artist Nick Harte, a.k.a. Shocking Pinks had been on a six year hiatus, which included three earthquakes, a destroyed studio, a family intervention and a relocation from Christchurch, New Zealand to Wellington, New Zealand. Earlier this year Harte went through several hundred tracks he had written and recorded over the past 6 years, and whittled them down into a mixtape trilogy called Guilt Mirrors which will see a February 18, 2014 release through Stars and Letters Records

“What’s Up With That Girl?” is the second and latest single off the trilogy and it’s probably the most collaborative effort on the entire album as it featured the vocals of Ashlin Frances Raymond of Tiger Tones and production from Architype. Sonically, it’s a glitchy, twitchy track that seems to evoke the feel of a panic attack while on a dance floor.