Founded by Eugene Cho and Dan Balis, and fronted by vocalist Adeline MIchele, Escort is a 17 member NYC-based disco act with a reputation for creating a 70s disco, R&B and soul sound with a modern twist. Their debut album got a lot won a number of fans and attention throughout the blogosphere for their debut, and they’ve just recently released Escort Remixed, a remix album with several new remixes, some unreleased tunes and covers, and more 

The band is touring and headlining their first annual Escort Halloween show with the St. Lucia, DJ Druzz, and Penguin Prison at Webster Hall on October 27th. So check out this live footage of Escort performing the disco classic “Dancer,” live in Austin, TX’s Empire Automotive to get a sense of what their live show will be like. Sonically they remind me a lot of a more organic version of Donna Summer – with the same amount of raw, almost primal immediacy and abandon. It’ll be a show to look forward to.