Frankie Rose has been a part of the New York for quite some time, as she’s been a member of several bands including both the Crystal Stilts and her own band Frankie Rose and the Outs, before abruptly quitting both bands to start a solo career.  Crystal Stilts have blown up and have been recognized nationally while members of her backing band have moved on to other projects such as the Dum Dum Girls and FLOWN. 

While performing as part of the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago earlier this year, Rose made two announcements – that she had recently signed to Fat Possum Records, the label home of indie rock darlings Caveman, and others; and that she would be releasing a new album in September, titled Herein Wild. The album’s first single, “Sorrow” is a shimmering, gorgeous track reminiscent of the Smiths but with lilting and soaring strings. The second single is a cover of the Damned’s “Street of Dreams.” Whereas the original version is a moody, darkly seductive track, Rose’s version manages to be both somewhat straightforward and not so straightforward – she does manage to put her own interpretation and feel to the song. And her version replaces horns with shimmering synths, creating an ethereal, dreamy vibe – all while retaining a seductiveness to the song. In some way her version sounds as though it were the Damned if covered by someone like Pat Benetar, until it becomes a kind of prog-like experimentation around the 4:25 mark.