Fronted by brothers Jim and Mike Blaha with their buddy Dave Roper on drums, the Minneapolis, MN-based trio of The Blind Shake have been a vital part of the Midwest’s underground punk scene for quite some time – they’ve released six full-length albums, a number of singles, three collaborations with Michael Yonkers and another with John Reis. And throughout that time, the trio has developed a reputation for a sound that’s best described as a brutally persistent, punishing locomotive-like droning chug that bears an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Motorhead, as you’ll hear on “Old Lake,” the latest single off their recently released Breakfast of Failures. 

Released through Nashville’s Goner Records, the Music City label has quickly developed a reputation for releasing some of the most forceful, primal and urgent underground, contemporary, hardcore punk in quite some time as they release albums by Ex-Cult, Nots, the OBN IIIs and others.