Growing up in Paris to Brazilian parents, the now 19 year old Yndi Ferreira  quickly taught himself to play guitar and sing by ear, and he began playing in various bands during his very early teens. When he started his solo project, Dream Koala last year, he already had a reputation for his production style as he had been producing his own tracks and remixing the likes of Angel Haze and the 1975. 

His debut full-length album, Odyssey was released back in September, and in interviews he explains that “I want to have my own genre by mixing all of my influences together. To me, everything is connected – be it the genius of Flying Lotus or the ethereal beauty of My Bloody Valentine.” “Odyssey,” the latest single (and album title track) from the album has a sound in which it’s actually kind of difficult to discern what actually informed it. Still it’s an icily delicate, ethereal song inspired by a dream Ferreira had in which he died in a catastrophic plane crash. Lyrically, the song covers the fear of not reaching your goals, and the fear of dying without ever accomplishing anything – a fear that’s common for almost everyone in that moment they think their life could end. Much like Beacon’s work – and Beacon is an act who I’ve really become fond of – Ferreira’s earliest efforts are eerie, fraught with anxiety and yet haunting.