Holy Vacants, the forthcoming, fourth, full-length effort from Morristown, NJ-based quartet, Trophy Scars may arguably be the band’s most ambitious work to date. Based on a 35 page screenplay treatment written by the band’s lead vocalist, Jerry Jones, the album conceptually is a mix of mythology, ancient religion and conspiracy theory. It’s a bit out there, but to simplify it a bit, the album manages to cover familiar and very modern themes – the idealization of youth, the loss of identity, corrupted innocence and moving on from an intense past relationship. 

“Hagiophobia,” is the bluesy first single off the album, and it sonically owes a great debt to classic rock – think of the big power chords of Jimi Hendrix and of Led Zeppelin. But lyrically, the song is reminiscent of prog rock – at least in the sense that the lyrics are based around a complex mythology set up around the album. It makes the track trippy and yet approachable.