I caught the Brooklyn-based Texan Carrie Ashley Hill open the proceedings for January’s monthly Communion showcase at Rockwood Music Hall. And although all of the acts played surprisingly short sets, I was thoroughly impressed by Hill as her material managed to posses both a delicacy and a quiet, self-assuredness, as well as a aching, spectral beauty. 

Much like the lovely and incredible Nicole Atkins, Hill’s material feels lived in, as though it comes from the deeply personal observations, experiences and thoughts of her life. Her latest single, a collaboration with her other half ,Jeff Berrall (of Caveman) called “Found You” is a sparsely arranged but gorgeous love song with a sincere but very simple sentiment – that each of their lives was changed once they somehow found each other. 

“Found You” is part of a 7 inch vinyl single that Stoned Ruin Records and interestingly, the vinyl is produced by an interesting process – lathe cut pressing. Lathe cut pressing are made by impressing the sounds onto a plastic disc. When a record is pressed, it takes several steps for it to be playable; however, lathe cut records are playable almost instantaneously. Each record is cut in real time, and essentially they are their own master recording. 

The official video for the song manages to be as sweet as the song with footage of Hill and Berrall walking tougher in a pristine winter setting, and two young children who bear uncanny likenesses to the couple meeting cute.