I have to apologize for the irregular posting here of late – after returning from Germany, i had been battling what I believed was a just a bad cold. It later turned out to be a case of acute pharyngitis. As per doctor’s orders, the last few days have been as much bed rest as possible while taking antibiotics and ibuprofen. it’s boring but what can you do? But on to the music, right?

Originally formed in Athens, GA back in the early 90s, the quartet of Elf Power have developed a reputation through their involvement with the famed Elephant 6 Collective, and the release of several albums that were critically applauded, including 2004’s Walking with the Beggar Boys.  Their latest effort, Sunlight on the Moon was released a few weeks ago, and it interestingly enough, coincides with American tour dates with the revived Neutral Milk Hotel — the band that Elf Power toured with for their first tour over 15 years ago. 

The new album reportedly manages to combine the band’s scuzzy lo-fi sound of their early records; their recent experiments in ambient and minimalist electronica reminiscent of Kraftwerk and Brian Eno; and the muscular insistence of their live shows in a seamless manner. Although that may be true, some of the material I’ve heard from the band’s forthcoming album Sunlight on the Moonreminds me quite a bit of the Stone Roses or the Jesus and Mary Chain — but sleazier and straight out of the garage. “Darkest Wave” despite it’s title is probably the airiest, most ethereal track on the album, and in some way it reminds me quite a bit of Neil Young