I often receive tons of Soundcloud links for singles and albums to review for this site, and naturally while I’m listening to tracks I’m multitasking – cooking, watching the Yanks, tweeting, and a ton of other things. And naturally while getting caught up, Soundcloud (thanks to it’s new layout) will automatically play a “a related” track. And by “related” sometimes, you can’t figure out how someone made them related. For example, I got this really hard metal track and the song that followed it was “White Noise” by British electronica sibling duo Disclosure feating AlunaGeorge. But the track wasn’t only an incredible bit of club banging house, with gigantic drums and bass that undulating and pulsating and sinuous synths, it’s an earworm of a song that I haven’t been able to get out of my head for the past few days since I’ve heard it.