I receive a number of emails from bands, PR firms, labels, artists and band managers from all over the world but recently I received an interesting email from a fan of the Joy of Violent Movement, suggesting that I needed to check out her next door neighbor. A small world, indeed. 

In any case, her next door neighbor happened to be Ian Black, one half of the Brooklyn-based outfit The Blue Cry. Growing up in Harlem during the height of the heroin epidemic, the young Black immersed himself in music, to combat the pull of the streets – in fact, Black is obtained classical in violin, viola, orchestral percussion and multiple wind instruments. His natural talent, constant practice and passion for music earned him multiple scholarships at top New York music schools.

However, he couldn’t keep his eyes off his father’s old guitar, hanging on the wall of his family’s home, and eventually he picked up the guitar as well. But similarly to artists such as Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones and others, Black had to put his dreams on hold several times – he started getting into bands at 17, but when his father became seriously ill, Black had to help out at home. And while in Daytona Beach, Black managed to balance his studies with performing in several local bands, until a financial crisis had forced him to return back home. He later started a successful construction company and as a result, he caught the eye of one of his clients who mentored him for a position on Wall Street.

After being a successful businessman for 25 years, Black decided that the time was now to finally fulfill his dreams, and so he enlisted the help of producer Nick Benik to start his own project, The Blue Cry. “Do What I Gotta Do,” is the latest single and video off the duo’s forthcoming full-length debut, Fire Light, and the song bears a resemblance to to the North Mississippi All Stars and Stevie Ray Vaughan – a stomping, rollocking, fun-loving blues with an incredible bit of guitar playing and a subtle bit of funk.