If you’re familiar with this site, you’d have a general sense that covering and writing about music from all over the world has been part of a deeply personal mission. And I personally think that’s The Joy of Violent Movement’s particular strength – and it sets it apart from the glut of other blogs out there. But, hey that’s just me. 

In any case, consisting of Cheb Samir (drums), Tab_ularasa (oscillators and effects), Leo Non (vocals and keyboards) and Bob Jr. (bass), the Roman quartet of Trans Upper Europe are known for fostering that legendary city’s garage noise rock scenes, their deep involvement in that city’s music scene in general, and their DIY practice space and venue, Forte Fanfulla where they recorded their forthcoming self-titled album on tape. 

Inspired by the likes of Silver Apples, White Noise, CAN and others, the Roman quartet’s sound consists of buzzing and oscillating synths, and a tight motorik-like groove that’s trippy and evokes a hypnotic trance as you’ll hear on “Mountains,” the first single off their forthcoming album. In some way, the song sounds as though it could have easily been released in 1970 – and if you were around then, you may have had a tab of acid while playing this one. But even without acid, you can feel the synths undulate towards you with an underlying menace.