If you’re true hip-hop head and you were a child of the 80s, you’d remember the hip hop group KMD – if anything you’d remember that KMD’s Zev Love X had a guest spot on 3rd Bass’s “Gas Face.” Some of you might remember “Peach Fuzz,” which was strangely enough played much more on Ralph McDaniels’ old school hip hop show, The Bridge than I ever remember on Yo! MTV Raps. As the apocryphal story goes, after a rather embittering experience in the major label system in which he felt chewed up and spat out, and after the tragic death of his brother and musical partner Subroc, Zev Love X disappeared from the New York hip hop scene for a number of years. When he returned, he started rocking stages with a mask obscuring his identity and a shadowy backstory for those who were unfamiliar with his past. 

Now known as MF DOOM, his debut effort Operation Doomsday was independently released and produced as a testament to stripped down, no frills and no bullshit hip hop back in 1999. 

Less than two years after its initial release, Operation Doomsday was reissued on another label with an altered track list, went out of print, and got bootlegged and passed along to hip-hop heads. And in that time the folks at Rapcats began working with DOOM on a number of albums, including his beloved Madvillian album. 

15 years after it’s initial release, DOOM’s Metalface Records are releasing a remasters and reissued two cassette version of Operation Doomsday. The first tape consists of the original album with its original track sequence and artwork, the second tape consists of B-sides, alternate versions, instrumentals and the artwork from the 2011 CD and LP reissue. And to celebrate that, Rapcats recently released “Rhymes Like Dimes,” which has Doom rhyming over a smoothed out, R&B-inspired beat. 

But what makes the song memorable is Doom’s incredible rhyme schemes which include some playfully witty inner rhyme with a rapid fire delivery.