If you’ve been following JOVM for quite some time, you might remember coming across The New York-based quartet, The Dough Rollers. Founding members Jack Byrne and Malcolm Ford formed the band in 2008, after bonding over their mutual love  of the blues. And much like countless other bands, there have been a number of lineup changes and lineup adjustments – initially, the band started as a duo before adding fiddler and vocalist Julia Tepper. With Teppler, the band experimented with blues, bluegrass and country and released a self-titled debut in 2009. However, after some time as a trio, Byrne and Ford decided that they needed to refocus on the blues, and as a duo they toured playing original blues tunes that Byrne and Ford had written. They then recorded their sophomore effort, Someday Baby and released the album as a limited run release. 

After Someday Baby’s release, Josh Barocas (bass) and Kyle Olsen (drums) were enlisted to flesh out the band’s sound. Through hard work and relentless touring, the newly minted quartet has opened for the likes of Queens of the Stone AgeBob Dylan, and John Mellencamp and others. In fact, the band caught the attention of Jack White’Third Man Records, a label that has developed a reputation for releasing gritty, old school rock. 

Some of the quartet’s most recent releases evoked the sound of the gritty, Deep Southern rock of acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers Band38 Special, or the Black Crowes. It’s simply put straightforward rock for the sake of rock — in other words without pretense or bullshit. and it rocks out hard. In an age of sneering irony, such straightforwardness is refreshing. However, the band’s latest single “Mansion On A Hill” is haunting, slow-burning ballad that evokes a wistful melancholy. Arguably, it’s on of their prettiest singles they’ve released to date.