If you’ve been following JOVM for the past few months, you may recall that last month I mentioned the up-and-coming Canadian production and music duo of Majid Jordan. Comprised of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, the duo met while they were students at the University of Toronto. Their first EP Afterhours was released under the name of Good People, and it captured the attention of a famous, fellow Torontonian, Drake, who later collaborated with Al Maskati and Ullman on his massive hit single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” And as as a result of that single’s success, the duo now known as Majid Jordan received international attention and critical praise. 

In fact, the Toronto-based duo’s latest effort, A Place Like This EP was released through Ovo Sound to much fanfare. “Forever” much like the EP’s first single “Her” is a marvel of modern production techniques; however, unlike the EP’s first single, “Forever” sounds as though it owes a bit more of a sonic debt to house music, thanks to its hefty yet propulsive percussion paired with icy synths and plaintive vocals that express urgent, desperate longing with a deeply sensual vulnerability. And much like the EP’s first single it effortlessly mixes contemporary R&B with house music – and in a way that bears a resemblance to Beacon’s impressive work. 

The official video follows a lithe breakdancer, dancing through the streets while the song is playing in the background. The video is a visual delight that evokes wonder, joy and a bit of loneliness – in particular, check out these two scenes: our dancer dancing in a gorgeous yet abandoned church  and in a snow covered field.