if you’ve been following JOVM for the past year or so, you might be familiar with the blogosphere darling power pop-punk trio Radkey. Comprised of siblings Isaiah (bass, vocals), Solomon (drums) and Dee Radke (guitar), the young, Missouri and UK-based band have seen their profile grow exponentially, as they’ve been praised by bloggers, journalists, radio personalties and tastemakers around the globe for an extremely melodic, hook-laden, arena-rock sound that owes a debt to The Ramones, Danzig and Death

As the trio’s frontperson Isaiah Radke explains in press notes, “Parade It,” the first single off the trio’s much-anticipated and forthcoming debut is a song about envy – the sort of envy that comes about when you see someone you love or care about move on without you; and ultimately, about how dangerous deep attachments can become once they inevitable end or backfire. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, it will likely remind you of some extremely shitty, less self-aware point of your life, when it was easier to get grievously wounded over someone else’s thoughtlessness or selfishness. 

Interestingly, the new single reveals that the band’s sound has gone through a fair studio polish, as the guitars sound cleaner, the harmonies brought out to the focus a bit more while retaining the overall approach that won the trio attention from across the globe.