If you’ve been following JOVM over the last couple of months, you may have heard me mention the Brooklyn-based electronica act, bottoms. Compressed of programmer and Bushwick drag festival co-creator and performance artist and vocalist Jake Dueler, who jokingly describe themselves as two shitty drag queens, along with drummer Michael Prommasit, the trio has developed an intense, in-your-face performance style that’s partially hilarious, terrifying and outright strange. I caught the act perform at a CMJ LBGQT showcase at Friends and Lovers and it was memorable because they specialize in “What the fuck was that?” meshed with an industrial sound that’s abrasive and forceful. And all of that is paired with Diebler’s experience as a performance artist whose work thematically touched on the historical anxieties surrounding HIV, homosexuality and gay suicide – at times there’s an burning, incisive wit underneath it all that will kick you in your face. 

“goodbye cruel world” the trio’s latest single continues their reputation for creating songs that are primal and visceral. Comprised of layers of undulating synths, four-on-the-floor drums, industrial clang and clatter, paired with vocals fed through layers of distortion, the track sounds like Depeche Mode or New Order during a night fueled with PCP and Jack Daniels. It’s electronica that doesn’t pretend to be safe or convenient and forces you to listen to it.