If you’ve been following JOVM over the past few years, you might remember that several years ago, I wrote about a Minneapolis, MN-based band BNLX. The trio which consists of husband and wife team (and founding members), Ed Ackerson (guitar and vocals) and Ashley Ackerson (bass and vocals) and David Jarnstorm (drums) emerged in late 2010 under a cloud of mystery regarding who – or what exactly – was a part of the part of the band. In early press materials, the members of the band mischievously identified themselves with acronyms and in some cases they’ve even gone by pseudonyms. They’ve even obscured their faces beyond recognition in promotional videos. And although there was a mischievous sensibility, there was a serious and very thoughtful attempt to force listeners to let the music speak for itself without the careful packaging of marketing departments. 

Interestingly enough, as the band started an EP series with an EP being released every three months o so, the veil had been slowly lifted to reveal the band and its members – although while retaining their peculiar sense of humor. They’ve also managed to be incredibly prolific as they’ve also released a full-length effort.

Christmastime inspires not just covers of the same standards but a ton of originals and BNLX joins the fray with their original “What Do You Have Under The Tree For Me.” The track consists of layers upon layers of buzzing guitars, down-tuned bass and thundering drums paired with sneering punk rock-styled vocals that describe all the cool things that the narrators want for Christmas including a Lincoln Navigator.  

Honestly, it’s probably one of the most fun Christmas songs i’ve heard in some time. And it’ll probably make you get up and start mashing with friends and family.