If you’ve been following this site for a while, especially over the last few months, you may be familiar with the Brooklyn-based duo of denetia and sene. Over the past year or so, the R&B duo have been receiving quite a bit of attention – they were profiled in a New York Times article about the creative living space they share with a number of other local artists, including the members of Caveman. And for our purposes here, they’ve been praised across the blogosphere for their sleek and hyper contemporary R&B, a sound that’s comprised of elements of hip-hop, electronica and (at times) bears an uncanny resemblance to the likes of Beacon – in particular, The Ways We Separate; however, unlike Beacon, denetia and sene’s work has leaned a bit more towards the coquettishly sensual, thanks to denetia’s silky vocals.

Their latest single “runnin’” will continue to further cement the duo’s reputation for slickly produced, sensual yet deeply thoughtful R&B; in fact, lyrically, they manage to capture the interior thoughts and emotions of its narrators in a way that has the deep psychological insight of a novel. And add the fact that the duo manage to have incredibly gorgeous videos.

The official video for “runnin’” has a dream-like logic as it has a woman, who occasionally wears a mask being chased by demon-like characters. Sometimes they grab hold of her and stop her progress and in other sequences she’s barely able to get away. Yes, it’s metaphorical and yet it’s absolutely fitting.